"When I first put on the new glasses I ordered, I was blown away with the brilliance that the lenses created. The world was noticeably sharper and more saturated in color. I've worn glasses for several decades but never experienced that sensation. Thanks for introducing me to the state-of the art in lens technology. Just when you thought there was nothing new under the sun. Those HD lenses really are special! It will be hard going back to standard lens but who would want to after seeing the world through these incredible lenses."

Michael W., Moorestown, NJ,

"On this hot , humid windy afternoon I feel full of gratitude for for my amazing digital lens glasses. I have enjoyed them since you suggested I purchase them in February, switching seamlessly between them and my contact lenses. I actually could see clearly all of the time. Now in the midst of allergy season, my contacts cloud up as soon as I walk outside, so I do not wear them until evening. Problem solved, no stress and no asthma. Thank you for fitting me with the perfect pair of glasses."

Judy B., Haddonfield, NJ,

"Just purchased eyeglasses and hearing aids from Fred Meserall. Great products and outstanding service, thanks!"

Mel D., Bordentown, NJ,

"I first needed glasses when I was 4, and my mother took me to the new company in Haddonfield, Meserall Vision & Hearing. I'm now 65, Meserall Vision & Hearing is still in Haddonfield and I'm still a customer."

Daniel K., Merchantville, NJ,