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Serving Haddonfield, Cherry Hill, Moorestown, Voorhees, Collingswood, and the surrounding communities for over 70 years. We are purveyors of luxury eyewear finished with precision optics and high-tech hearing instruments.

Cool, funky, original, unique, classic, comfortable, high quality, handpicked, curated selection. This is what we believe describes the best collection of eyeglass frames anywhere, and what you will find in our shop. Paired with our extensive knowledge of optics, lens design, and legendary customer service, we’ll make you the best glasses you have ever had. We benchmark ourselves against the most premium eyewear retailers in the country, and in fact, the top trade magazine in our field, Invision Magazine, named us as one of the” Best of the Best Practices” in America.

If you are ready to step up your game and get an exceptional pair of glasses, we are ready for you. We do not take insurance for glasses because we value quality, independent, custom-made eyewear that we can control the quality of in-house. We are, however, pleased to announce that we recently joined Patch so that we can get you your out-of-network benefit and apply it to a really good pair of glasses that you can find joy in wearing.

Meserall Vision & Hearing | Haddonfield, NJ
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